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About the Fund

To achieve long-term investment returns through a focused strategy of investing in growth companies in listed companies in the Asian and US markets by focusing on high quality companies that have a wide-moat competitive advantage with minimal risk of permanent loss of principal.

Investment Strategy

The investment process is based on fundamental analysis of the financial and business situation of the listed companies. The fund only intends to invest in companies with a strong sustainable moat and are predictable. These businesses can be expected to grow their intrinsic value at high rates of return. Investing in such high-quality businesses will allow our investment returns to come from either the internal operating results of the business or the market’s revaluation of the business. As our approach involves having a business owner mentality, investment decisions are based on long term value of the business rather than short term fluctuations in the stock price. Some of the business aspects we look at include the cash flow of the business, the quality of the management and the potential growth drivers of the business.

Fund Commentary Updates:

Fund Update Commentary Mid-Year 2019

Fund Update Commentary Jan 2019

– Fund Information Sheet


Fund Performance:


Current fund unit price: $1.3056 (updated for week ending 30 Nov 2019)                                                              

Fund Year to Date (YTD) range: 0.9388 (3rd Jun 19) – 1.3129 (17 Oct 19)


Opening subscription shares were issued at $1.00

Fund Started: 10 Jan 2019

*Year to date (YTD) performances begin from 10 Jan 2019. Current fund unit price will be updated weekly and represents the fund unit price as of the day’s market close.




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